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Ivan Vargas

Ivan Vargas

Assistant Professor

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-4256

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Dr. Vargas will be accepting a new graduate student for Fall 2020. 

My overall research aim is to enhance our understanding of the biopsychosocial factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of both depression and insomnia, with the end goal of identifying clinically useful markers that may inform treatment and prevention efforts. My research broadly investigates the neurobiology of depression and insomnia and aims to evaluate:

(1) the role of the HPA-axis and sleep [disturbance] in the development and maintenance of depression;

(2) the shared psychological and neurobiological concomitants of depression and insomnia and how these may help us understand the pathways by which these disorders develop sequentially and/or simultaneously; and

(3) the cognitive biases or neuropsychological deficits that are associated with increased risk for both disorders.

Please visit our lab website for more information regarding ongoing research projects and how to become a member of our research team.

PSYC 5313 - Introduction to Clinical Science: Research Design & Ethical Guidelines 

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2016

M.S., University of Michigan, 2012

B.A., University of Notre Dame, 2010

Representative Publications:

Vargas, I., Payne, J., Kuhlman, K.R., Muench, A., & Lopez-Duran, N.L. (In Press). Sleep Deprivation and the Selective Consolidation of Emotional Memories. Learning & Memory, 26, 176-181.

Vargas I., Garland, S., Kloss, J.D. & Perlis, M.L. (In Press). Insomnia and Psychiatric Disorders. In Grandner (Ed.), Sleep and Health. Elsevier.

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Vargas, I., Vgontzas, A., Abelson, J.L., Faghih, R., Morales, K.H. & Perlis, M.L. (2018). Altered ultradian cortisol rhythmicity as a potential neurobiologic substrate for chronic insomnia. Sleep Medicine Reviews.

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Vargas, I. & Lopez-Duran, N.L. (2017). The cortisol awakening response (CAR) after sleep deprivation: is CAR a “response” to awakening or a circadian process? Journal of Health Psychology, 1-13. https://doi.org/10.1177/1359105317738323

Vargas, I., Drake, C.L., & Lopez-Duran, N.L.  (2017). Insomnia symptom severity modulates the impact of sleep deprivation on attentional biases to emotional information. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 1-11.  https://doi.org/10.1007/s10608-017-9859-4

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