For Employers

Customize your engagement with thousands of Fulbright College Arts & Sciences students.

High Impact Engagement Opportunities:

For Students

Explore career paths and network with potential employers.

High Impact Career Opportunities:

  • Use Handshake to find internships, attend career-related events, update your career profile
  • Seek career advice from alumni
  • Get resume & interview help from Career Studio 
  • Make an appointment with a career counselor and find career exploration resources

For Faculty

Integrate career preparedness activities in your courses.

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High Impact Learning Opportunities:


Career Connections in the Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences works in tandem with the U of A Career Connections to connect students with career opportunities that will enrich their education and prepare them for the future. 

Design your life / Identify challenges you want to work on / Tell your unique story / Explore how your major is preparing you for careers / Build your network

Career Currency

What Is The Value Of Your Career Currency….Today?

Craft your currency

Become a Life Designer

Start where you are, build on your strengths, experiences  & interests, imagine the possibilities and craft your own journey.

Design your life


Challenge Mindset is turning meaningful problems into opportunities to develop skills, experience, and career paths.

Identify challenges you want to work on


Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Tell you unique story

Exploration by Major

As you delve further into your major coursework, new career insights arise.

Explore how your major is preparing you for careers


Build Your Professional Network: Research and reach out to alumni and professionals working in areas of interest to you.

Build your network

Special Events and Opportunities





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Are you an employer looking for thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working employees? Are you a student looking for a great internship opportunity to help launch your career? Are you a faculty member looking for ways to connect your students to prospective employers? Let us help put you on a path to success.

Michelle Pribbernow, Director of Career Initiatives for STEAM

Sarah Denison, Director of Career Initiatives

Xavier Smith, Assistant Director