We welcome you to the Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences


Fulbright College Dean's Office participates in a diversity and inclusion exercise
Welcome to the University of Arkansas,
and to the Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences!

Whatever your major will be, no matter what you are interested in studying, all of your core courses will come from Fulbright College – and we are so excited for you to join the Fulbright College Family.

Consisting of three schools, 16 academic departments and more than 40 academic centers, the college offers degrees in the fine arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. And it is here that you will begin forging a new path into your Fulbright Future.

This is your new start – and quite simply, your life will never be the same. You are the one who gets to decide who you are, who you will become, and what you will accomplish.

And here at Fulbright College, you are unlikely to find a more supportive, talented, intelligent and diverse group of people ready to help you succeed.

Attending orientation and experiencing this virtual open house now are great places to start.

On this site, you’ll find useful tips about navigating your first semester and beyond, and information about our departments, degrees, majors and minors. You’ll also find some special video messages from areas across the college, campus and college resources, and information about A-Week.

We hope this gives you a unique way to start exploring the college, to discover possibilities based on your personal interests, abilities, desires and purpose, and to start building the skills that will help you succeed during your higher education journey.

Our hope for you is that this site helps you feel more empowered and inspired as you begin your time with us, and that you also have fun while doing some intentional, wise wandering.

We're here to support you! Join us between 1-2 p.m. on Monday, August 17 via Blackboard Collaborate for a virtual Meet and Greet with our Fulbright College Student Success Team! To join, log into DABA at learn.uark.edu. Click on the “Fulbright Meet and Greet” link in the left menu under the “DABA Tools” heading.

And as always, remember that we will be with you every step of the way as you take your place at the U of A and Fulbright College!


The Fulbright College Dean's Office




Check out these special messages from some of our Fulbright College Family!

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This video was submitted by the Fulbright College Student Success Team.


This video was submitted by the Sisters of Fulbright.

This video was submitted by Adnan Haydar, professor in the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Culture, on behalf of the Arabic Program.

This video was submitted by Lora Walsh, assistant professor in the Department of English, on behalf of the Department of English.


This video was submitted by Manon Wilson, senior research assistant, on behalf of the MICRO Lab.

This video was submitted by Michael Riha, department chair of the Department of Theatre, on behalf of the Department of Theatre.

This video was submitted by Laurel Lamb, curator at the University of Arkansas Museum, on behalf of the University of Arkansas Museum.


This video was submitted by Laurence Hare, associate professor of history and director of international studies, on behalf of International & Global Studies.

This video was submitted by Emelia Barrick, operations manager at the Jim and Joyce Faulkner Performing Arts Center, on behalf of the Faulkner Performing Arts Center.

This video was submitted by the Department of Music.




Students are seen walking by the Peace Fountain.

Fulbright Parents & Families

Family members play an important role in a student's educational success. Parent & Family orientation provides information about the different offices, services, programs and opportunities that Fulbright College has to offer.

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A-Week is designed to aid incoming first-year students in their transition from high school to college by providing programming focused on student success in and outside of their classroom experience.

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Campus & Fulbright College Resources

Campus Safety
Website: report.uark.edu
Campus Address: 155 S Razorback Rd. (UAPD)
Phone: 479-575-2222 (UAPD)
Resources: Report Violence, Harassment, Discrimination

Career Development Center
Website: career.uark.edu/cdc/
Campus Address: ARKU 607
Phone: 479-575-2805
Resources: Career Path Management, Interviews

Cashiers Office/Student Accounts
Website: treasurer.uark.edu
Campus Address: ARKU 214
Phone: 479-575-5651
Resources: Financial Questions, Payment Plans

Center for Educational Access
Website: cea.uark.edu
Campus Address: ARKU 209
Phone: 479-575-3104
Resources: Accommodations, Accessibility

Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education
Website: multicultural.uark.edu
Campus Address: ARKU 404
Phone: 479-575-8405
Resources: Diversity, Inclusiveness

CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services)
Website: health.uark.edu/mental-health/index.php
Campus Address: Pat Walker Health Center
Phone: 479-575-5276
Resources: Counseling, Psychiatry, Therapy

Office of Student Success
Website: success.uark.edu
Campus Address: GREG 008
Phone: 479-575-2885
Resources: Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Diversity and Inclusion; Romona West, Director
Website: fulbright.uark.edu/diversity
Campus Address: MAIN 528 E
Phone: 479-575- 4887
Resources: Education, Support, Resources

Financial Aid Office
Website: finaid.uark.edu
Campus Address: HUNT 114
Phone: 479-575-3806
Resources: Financial Aid, FAFSA

Fulbright Advising Center
Website: fulbright.uark.edu/advising-center/
Campus Address: Champions Hall 3rd Floor
Phone: 479-575-4801
Resources: Academic Advising, Degree Path

Global Campus
Website: globalcampus.uark.edu
Campus Address: CTED 504
Phone: 479-575-6483
Resources: Online Programs, Self-Paced Courses

International Students and Scholars
Website: international-students.uark.edu
Campus Address: 104 Holcombe Hall
Phone: 479-575-5003
Resources: International Education, Training, Immersion

Off-Campus Connections
Website: occ.uark.edu
Campus Address: ARKU 632
Phone: 479-575-7351
Resources: Off Campus Housing, Meal Plans

Office for Diversity and Inclusion (IDEALS Institute)
Website: diversity.uark.edu
Campus Address: ADMN 415
Phone: 479-575-4557
Resources: Support, Advocate, Assistance

Office of Student Activities
Website: osa.uark.edu
Campus Address: ARKU A-665
Phone: 479-575-5255
Resources: Organize, Register Student Organizations (RSOs)

Office of Student Services
Website: fulbright.uark.edu/deans-office
Campus Address: MAIN 525
Phone: 479-575-4801
Resources: Academic, Student Success, Advising

Pat Walker Health Center
Website: health.uark.edu
Campus Address: Corner of Maple and Garland Ave
Phone: 479-575-4451
Resources: Primary Care, Immunizations

Registrar’s Office
Website: registrar.uark.edu
Campus Address: HUNT 146
Phone: 479-575-7351
Resources: Registration, Student Records, Graduation

Title IX Office; Liz Means, Title IX Coordinator
Website: titleix.uark.edu
Campus Address: ADMN 405
Phone: 479-575-7111
Resources: Advocacy, Education, Reporting

Veterans Resource and Information Center
Website: veteranscenter.uark.edu
Campus Address: GACS 115
Phone: 479-575-8742
Resources: Assistance, Scholarships, Resources