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Spanish in Puebla, Mexico: Summer 2018

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Tentative Dates: TBD for Summer 2018
Application Deadline:

Priority: December 1, 2017
Regular: February 1, 2018

After being accepted, students should be prepared to pay the deposit by March 31.


Students must:

  • Undergraduates should have completed at least 24 credit hours* with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.6 or better at the time of application.
  • *Students who have completed less than 24 credit hours may be admissible upon recommendation of faculty leader with support of the dean of the sponsoring college.
  • For language/culture option, successfully complete SPAN 1013 before departure
  • For service-learning option, successfully complete SPAN 2013 before departure

Program Overview and Courses

The U of A summer program in Puebla, Mexico offers students a total immersion program at the ultra-modern campus of the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP).

The immersion experience integrates field internships in the student’s choice of health professions, business, education, or liberal arts, with intensive coursework in Spanish for Special Purposes with one of these four emphases. Students will spend approximately 60 hours in the field internship in their field of choice; 20 hours of lecture and discussion on experiences in the field; and approximately 50 hours of profession-specific language instruction.

Students completing the program will receive 6-credit hours in Spanish at the 2000-, 3000-, or 4000-level (according to the student’s current level), which can be applied toward a minor or major in Spanish, toward a minor or major in Latin American and Latino Studies, or toward a world languages requirement or general elective credit.

Location: Puebla, Mexico

Puebla is one of the safest cities in Mexico as well as one of the most beautiful. It is centrally located in the heart of Mexico, between Mexico City and the Caribbean coast, in the shadows of the snow-capped Popocatepetl and Iztacchiuatl volcanoes just to the west. Puebla’s historic downtown is full of renowned examples of baroque architecture, and has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Mexico’s fourth largest city, Puebla has a vibrant street life and is home to a population of 2 million. But Puebla also still feels like a sleepy and friendly college town, and U of A students have consistently felt quite comfortable and at home there. Professor Steven Bell will accompany the group and stay for the first two to three weeks of the 5-week program to make sure participants are comfortably settled with everything running smoothly.

An essential part of the student experience is the home-stay. Participants are provided with a single-occupancy room with a Mexican family in Puebla. Most host families want to be highly involved in the lives of their foreign students, and they will want to help you learn and make you feel like part of their family.

“This is perhaps one of the most useful, fun & important study abroad experiences the U of A offers.”

“The U of A isn’t sending you to the will stay in an incredibly nice house in the middle of a huge city. Don’t let Mexico scare you.”

“This trip is truly wonderful. It’s not a vacation; it’s an experience. I highly recommend it.”

Michael Glenn, who graduated from the U of A with a double degree in business and in Spanish and Latin American Studies, went not once but twice on our U of A Summer Program to Mexico, and had these thoughts to share on his experience.

Also, you can read Jessica Boyd's blog from Summer 2010 (in Spanish!) about the Puebla experience.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Check out funding opportunities on the website.

Financial aid and scholarships are available to U of A students. In many case, you can also use your current scholarships and financial aid to help finance your program. If you receive scholarships, grants, or loans as a U of A student, please contact your Financial Aid Advisor in Silas Hunt Hall (479-575-3806) to see how much of your current aid package you’ll be able to utilize towards this summer study abroad program or to apply for loans. Participants on this program may also be eligible to apply for these institutional and national scholarships (check eligibility criteria):

  1. Office of Study Abroad Scholarship 
  2. Johnetta Cross Brazzell Study Abroad Scholarship (same application as above) 
  3. Foreign Languages Scholarship (same application as above) 
  4. Honors College Study Abroad Grants 
  5. Walton College of Business funding

Criteria for scholarships vary, and students should read eligibility requirements carefully. This list is NOT comprehensive.


Program Fee: Est. $3, 450

Includes :

  1. UPAEP tuition and instructional fees
  2. Orientation
  3. Books and materials
  4. Room and board, which includes:
    • 3 Meals/day in Puebla
    • 2 Meals/per day on program overnight trips
  5. Access to:
    • Cafeteria
    • Library
    • Computer labs
    • Academic Support
    • Nursing Staff
    • Wireless Internet on the University Campus
    • Museums and Historical sites with the UPAEP student ID
  6. Administrative fees
  7. International health insurance
  8. Land transportation to and from the airport for group arrival and departure

Program Fee DOES NOT Include:

  1. Round trip airfare* (est. $800)
  2. Local transportation
  3. Personal spending
  4. The occasional meal on group trips

Contact Information

1. Regarding Application (Process, Costs, Travel Arrangements, etc.):

Meredith McKee
U of A Faculty-led Program Coordinator,
Office of Study Abroad & International Exchange, 479-575-7582

2. Regarding Puebla Program Courses:

Steven Bell
Chair, Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
KIMP 425,, 479-575-2951


For additional information for travelers as well as government services

American Embassy in Mexico City
Paseo de la Reforma 305
Colonia Cuauhtemoc
06500 Mexico, D.F.
From Mexico:
Tel : ( 01-55 ) 5080-2000
Fax: ( 01-55 ) 5525-5040
From the U.S.:
Tel: 011-52-55-5080-2000
Fax: 011-52-55-5525-5040