Jazz Placement Auditions

To facilitate placement in Jazz Area Ensembles for the Spring ’21 semester, please fill out the form from the following link:
Spring 2022 Jazz Placement Auditions
The ensembles offered for this coming term are:
Latin American Ensemble [MUEN 1211/2211/3211/4211/5211] 
Director: Prof. Fernando Valencia - jvalenc@uark.edu
World Music Ensemble [MUEN 1221/2221/3221/4221/5221] 
Director: Prof. Nikola Radan - radan@uark.edu
Beginning Jazz Combo [MUEN 1241]
(The beginning jazz combo does not require placement. Anyone is welcome to enroll directly in that course.)
Arkansas Soul Band [MUEN 1251/2251/3251/4251/5251]
Director: Prof. Jake Hertzog - jhertzog@uark.edu
Intermediate Jazz Combo (By instructor consent only) [MUEN 1261/2261/3261/4261/5261]
Jazz Orchestra [MUEN 1471/2471/3471/4471/5471] 
Director: Dr. Rick Salonen - rsalone@uark.edu
Voices Ensemble [MUEN 1501-1501, SEC 002]
Director: Prof. Lauren N. Clare - lclare@uark.edu
The placement form will be available until the end of finals week. Following your submission, you will be contacted to confirm enrollment in one or more of your preferred groups.
For questions concerning the ensemble placement or the program, please contact Prof. Jake Hertzog: jhertzog@uark.edu
For questions regarding any individual ensemble, please contact the director(s) listed above.
We look forward to working with you in the Spring!