New Program & New Initiatives

Edvan Brito, assistant professor of Portuguese, said he is elated to be a part of this brand new language program.

In the near future, Brito plans to start a faculty-led study abroad program to Brazil. He would like for his students to visit Brazil and learn about its rich history through research and personal encounters.

Along with a list of goals for the Portuguese program, he also plans to work closely with the College of Business on new and interesting courses. In addition, he hopes to see more influence of Portuguese in Latin American Studies.

Brito said one of the most effective strategies for understanding various cultures is to learn their language. With that goal in mind, he works to ensure that his students not only learn Portuguese, but also embrace its significance.


“Knowing Portuguese is an asset. It is important for individuals to know about various experiences so that we can learn from one another. The world we live in needs people who are sensitive to other cultures. Knowing Portuguese adds a lot to a person’s profile. Being able to speak Portuguese can open so many doors."

Edvan Brito - Assistant Professor of Portuguese

Trade between the US, Europe and Brazil is increasing; therefore, knowing Portuguese can help you find a job or increase your chances of gaining employment.

Portuguese is spoken on more than 3 continents, it is the official language of the European Union, and becoming essential due to Brazil's emergence in the global economy.

Learning a second language can change your life, increase your skill set and broaden your employment opportunities.

See for yourself how learning world languages can make a difference for you.