Budget Training & Support

Specific Training and Support Resources:

Global Campus Online Classes 

The Global Campus supports academic colleges and schools in the development of new online and distance education offerings from the University of Arkansas. They will work with you to develop goals and objectives for expanding and enhancing online and distance education offerings designed to provide students across Arkansas – and beyond – with the educational opportunities they need to achieve their academic and professional goals.

You can find contacts, applications deadlines, and a link to the application here:

Global Campus Online Course Development

Global Campus Revenue Distribution

More Information Regarding Global Campus


Summer Teaching and Research

Overview of Summer Teaching and Research Procedures:
Summer Teaching and Research Presentation

University of Arkansas' policy on Summer Teaching and Research:
Policy 1405.18

BASIS training documentation for Summer Teaching and Research:
Basis Training Materials


Allowable Expenses for Endowed Chairs and Professors

Current amended list of allowable expenditures for Endowed Chairs and Professorships:

    • Supplement position salary
    • Graduate assistant stipends
    • Support staff assistance
    • Course development
    • Essential equipment
    • Software
    • Supplies
    • Scholarly travel



Here is more information on intersessions:



Grants, Proposals, and Foundation 

Grant Assistance

The RSSP office will help. In addition, If your grant is going to include cost sharing, please have your department representative contact Kim Gillow for assistance if needed.

If you have expenses that need to be transferred to or from a grant that are over 90 days old, please complete the Cost Transfer Request Form and return to Kim Gillow.

Grant review and editing services are also provided by the Grant Editing and Consulting Group. You can contact Adam Pope at arpope@uark.edu with the subject line "Grant Editing Request" with questions or to get started.

Foundation Assistance

If reimbursements include alcohol or if you need to fund an 0392 deficit, please fill out the form below:

If you need to transfer funds from one foundation account to another foundation account, please fill out the form below:

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding grants or foundations, please contact Kim Gillow.

Kim Gillow
Director of Grant and Gift Administration.
MAIN 534
Phone: 479-575-3709
Fax: 479-575-2642
Email: kdaling@uark.edu

Campus Wide Training and Support Resources:

EDP program

The Employee Development Program, housed in Human Resources, offers professional, management and leadership development, diversity training, soft skills training, technology training and more.

Training Calendar

Training By Request



We have access to Lynda.com a leading online learning platform through our uark login. There are groups of videos that helps develop business, software, technology, and creative skills. 



Global Campus

Global Campus coordinators collaborate with the University of Arkansas’s academic colleges and departments and industry experts to deliver quality, cutting-edge non-credit courses and programs to those looking to enhance and grow their professional careers or personal lives.

Global Campus Training 


UA Accounting

Intoduction to UA Accounting



Business and Administrative Strategic Information Systems, is an integrated suite of software, designed and implemented by University of Arkansas staff, including resources from University IT Services, Business Affairs, Financial Affairs, and Human Resources, along with valuable input from many of our campus users, in order to provide the campus with a fully integrated Business, Financial, and Human Resource system.

BASIS Training Documentation


Screenshots of how to process a PD

 If you have any further questions please email AskArsc@uark.edu and we will be able to answer your question or help direct you to the right place.


Business Services

Business Services supports the full supply chain life cycle of goods and services on our campus. This includes Procurement, Accounts Payable, eProcurement, Vendors, and Surplus.

Business Services

General Business Service's Trainings



eProcurement team serves the campus faculty and staff of the University of Arkansas to meet their eBusiness needs.  The University has contracted with eBusiness partners to electronically feed the University of Arkansas charges for purchases made by individuals who have been given Procurement Authorization to make such purchases.  

Pcard Deadlines and Training



Razorbuy is a one-stop shopping experience. You have the ability to place orders with multiple suppliers from the comfort of your office.

You must submit a Workflow Request Form  in order to gain access.

Razorbuy Training Documentation

Razorbuy FAQs



The Travel Team serves the campus and facilitates travel for faculty, staff, students, and guests of the University of Arkansas by proficiently processing travel payments, offering training and tools to administrators and travelers alike, and providing interpretation and guidance regarding State of Arkansas Travel Regulations and University processes and procedures.

Travel Guidelines and Procedures