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The University Museum staff develop and maintain extensive collections of objects in the fields of archeology, ethnography, geology, history, and zoology. The collections are generally available for exhibition, research, education, and loan. 

Collections Storage, Open Display

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Our collections are housed at the University of Arkansas Collections Facility, which is located at the University of Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station in Fayetteville.  It is an administrative unit of the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and seeks to serve the campus, the community, and research scholars.

University faculty may request loans of specimens for their classes, or arrange to bring their classes to the University Collections Facility for a visit. Specimens and their associated documentation are available for comparative and research purposes by faculty, qualified students, and visiting scholars. We also fulfill our public service and outreach mission through community engagement programs and loans to other institutions for exhibits.

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Office Location

University of Arkansas Collection Facility
Enter through the Arkansas Archeological Survey
2475 N Hatch Ave
Fayetteville, AR 72704

Museum Hours

8 - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday
Tours, class visits, and other collection activities must be scheduled in advance.


University Museum Staff

Dr. Mary Suter and Laurel Lamb are passionate about the Museum collections and sharing them with those who are eager to learn. They may be reached via the contact information below for any questions you may have regarding the Museum.  


Mary Suter, Curator of Collections
Mary Suter
Curator of Collections
Room 125
Laurel Lamb, Curator
Laurel Lamb
Curator of Education and Engagement
Room 120

Frequently Asked Questions

The Museum is located within the University Collection Facilities on the north end of University of Arkansas – Fayetteville campus within the Biomass Research Center: 

University of Arkansas Collection Facility
Arkansas Archeological Survey
2475 N. Hatch Ave.
Fayetteville, AR 72701 

Yes and no. Currently, there is not an interpretative exhibit hall within the University of Arkansas Museum’s building. However, the building does have a variety of the Museum's archeology materials on display visitors can see without an appointment. There are also small rotating displays around U of A main campus. We encourage everyone to check out our website for online exhibitions and other digital content here!  

Yes! Donations are assessed based on their potential to strengthen existing collections the Museum has a current specialization and recognized historical interest, including anthropology, geology, history, and zoology with a particular (but not exclusive) focus on Arkansas. 

If you are interested in donating items, please contact us at msuter@uark.edu or call 479-575-3456. 

Yes! The University of Arkansas Museum does loan out collection materials. Please note that the safety and security of collection materials will be assessed prior to accepting any requests. 

Contact us at msuter@uark.edu or call 479-575-3456 to discuss your loan request.

Yes! Please visit our website here to learn more about our tour policies. You can also visit the collections online

No. The University of Arkansas Museum does not conduct appraisals for monetary value of objects for the purpose of establishing a fair market value of gifts offered to the Museum.  Donors desiring to take an income tax deduction shall obtain an independent appraisal.  Staff members can assist a donor in locating a qualified appraiser, however.

Yes! The University of Arkansas Museum strives to make collection materials as useful and accessible as possible. Accommodating research inquiries is one of the primary ways to achieve this. We love to see what valuable knowledge can be gained from studying our collections!

Contact us at lalamb@uark.edu or call 479-575-3456 to discuss your research inquiry. You can also search the Museum's collections online! to get started!