Sturgis Fellowships

Sturgis FellowshipWith the first Sturgis class matriculating in 1986 and graduating in 1990, the Sturgis Fellowship is the oldest of the prestigious fellowships at the University of Arkansas.  The sterling record of our Sturgis Fellows, both while they are on campus and after they leave Arkansas and establish their careers, speaks to the strength of the faculty and staff--and the curriculum they oversee--of the Fulbright College Honors Program. 

In fact, our Honors Program is devoted to serving our Sturgis Fellows:  with only 20-30 Sturgis Fellows on campus at any given time, each of them receives the kind of individual attention from the Director, Associate Director, and staff of the Fulbright College Honors Program that guarantees that their experience at Arkansas will be both memorable and productive.  We are, indeed, a small family of committed Fellows, faculty, and staff, and we are accordingly proud of our Fellows’ accomplishments.

Since 1986, Sturgis Fellows have won the Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Gates Cambridge, Goldwater, and Fulbright Scholarships.  And Sturgis Fellows study abroad too while at Arkansas:  India, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, China, Russia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Spain . . . and the list goes on.

But our Fellows’ success here at Arkansas also provides an eloquent precursor to their accomplishments after leaving our campus:  Sturgis Fellows are currently pursuing successful careers as doctors, lawyers, publishers, writers, consultants, software engineers, professors, sustainability advocates, and business entrepreneurs, to name a few. 

So, we look forward to working with those students who fit the Sturgis profile, from the application and the interviews to the moment that we bestow the graduation certificates!

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