This is designed to help you and your team know how far in advance you would ideally begin discussing a new project with our team. It will also give you a general estimate as to how long you can expect your request to be completed.

Please note, all timelines below are based on ideal situations, and our team’s workload and Office of the Dean priorities. Each timeline will be customized on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed and provided after project intake.



  • 8 weeks prior to your event

Print materials

We recommend disseminating your print materials 2 weeks prior to the event for best success. The estimated time-lines below use this as a guide.

  • IF you will be printing the items yourself – 4 weeks lead time
  • IF you will be sending the items to the printer – 6 weeks lead time

Website assistance

Most website updates are able to be completed within 7 business days of the request.

New website

All website timelines will be determined based on the platform being used. Please note, some platforms require us to work with other teams on campus. Therefore, we request that you come to our team as soon as possible.

Press release

This recommended timeline takes into consideration that some publications have monthly submission deadlines.

  • 6 weeks lead time


All Newswires are submitted on the UARK News website. We recommend running your article 1-2 weeks before your event.

The longer the lead time, the more opportunities there are for your story to be re-run or be repurposed in other ways.

Social media

All social media posts are posted at the discretion of our office. Content ideas are pulled daily from Newswire. If you have other social media suggestions or ideas, please share those 2 business days in advance.


  • 2 weeks lead time


Timelines will be based on vendor selection, requirements, and shipping and production time. Our team will need 1 month to draft, review and revise the product design.

Fulbright REVIEW

We welcome nominations and story ideas on a rolling basis. Our award-winning newsletter is distributed the third Tuesday of every month. If you don’t already receive it, visit to subscribe.