About the Program


Established in 1958, the Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies Program (CLCS) is an innovative interdisciplinary graduate program devoted to the study of literature and culture from a global perspective and across languages, genres, disciplines, nations, and cultures. The program offers advanced academic training in foreign languages, literary translation, comparative literature, and cultural studies.

While the study of literature in English and the study of literature in other national languages remain fields still largely defined by linguistic and national boundaries, comparative literature, since its foundation as a field in post-war Europe, opens a wider scope. Cultural studies, the analysis of all forms of culture and of the social and political contexts of cultural practices, broadens the scope further by reconfiguring traditional disciplinary boundaries in the humanities.  This broader approach is ever more crucial to our times.

The program is supported primarily by the Departments of Communication, English, and World Languages. The program also has affiliated faculty members in several programs and departments in the humanities and social sciences, including Anthropology, Area Studies (European, Latin American, Middle East), Art, Classics, Drama, Gender Studies, Geography, History, Music, Philosophy, and Sociology. 

The Program attracts international students from many countries, including Argentina, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.  Doctoral students’ job placement is very high at regional, national and foreign universities.   Our graduates have been hired by The Ohio State, Indiana, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Atlántico, UAFS, John Brown, Southern Missouri and others.