Letters of Recommendation

Two types of letters are typically required for application to medical school; individual letters of recommendation from faculty members, employers, or other individuals, and a committee letter of evaluation from a premedical advisory committee. You request individual letters by contacting letter writers yourself. You request a committee letter automatically, when you submit your materials to PMAC.

Individual Letters of Recommendation

Applicants should check with medical schools about specific recommendation letter requirements. We recommend three individual recommendations, ideally including at least one from a science faculty member. Those with research experience are strongly advised to include a letter from their research mentor. Individual letters of recommendation should not come from immediate family members or close relatives. AAMC provides detailed guidelines for letter writers. The full document can be found here.

Except for TMDSAS schools, writers will submit two copies. One will be uploaded to the University of Arkansas premed advisory committee. In requesting these letters of recommendation, you will provide your letter writers with a form that includes a waiver and instructions for submission.  The other copy will typically be uploaded (or mailed) to a letter service (AMCAS or AACOMAS) or, in rare cases, sent directly to a medical school.  


Instructions for individual letters of recommendation (updated 3/2020)


1. To PMAC:

Use the individual letter of recommendation waiver form to request the letter.  You must choose whether to waive the right to read the letter (it is strongly recommended that you waive).  After filling in your and the letter writer's name and (optional) email addresses, save the form by clicking on "Save and Resume Later". This will present you with a link. Copy that link and email it to your letter writers. They will have 30 days to upload the letter.  

Note that you do not submit the form - the letter writer does that. It will be your responsibility to make sure that the letter writer understands this. This will be new to everyone.

2. To medical schools:

a) participating in AMCAS letters:

 Have your personal letter writers upload or mail their recommendations directly to AMCAS, using the AMCAS letter form. (For the committee letter, you can ignore the AMCAS Letters committee form.) 

 b) not participating in AMCAS letters:

Have your personal letter writers send their recommendations to each medical school directly. Some medical schools may not request a letter until after the secondary application.

c) Texas med schools using TMDSAS:

This applies to all Texas allopathic med schools except Baylor. Have your letter writers upload letters to PMAC as described above. These individual letters will be uploaded along with the committee letter. 

d) osteopathic medical schools:

Browse here for instructions.

Committee Letter of Recommendation

The chair of the University of Arkansas Premedical Advisory Committee conducts committee meetings to produce a  letter of evaluation from the University of Arkansas for each applicant. The letter is based on the submitted application materials, a PMAC interview, the PMAC's overall familiarity with the applicant, and the individual recommendation letters. 

UAMS requires a committee letter of recommendation from current University of Arkansas students and recent (within 2 years) graduates. Other schools often require committee (sometimes called composite) letters,  or strongly suggest them. See here for a 2016 table of letter policies, provided by AAMC.