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There's much to gain from an interdiciplinary course of study in African and African American Studies (AAST). Interested students can adopt AAST as a second major, pair with a core discipline as a minor, and graduate students can earn a certificate in our field of study. By studying the African diaspora both at home and abroad, students will discover and examine tools used to organize for positive change and social justice. AAST courses are some of the most diverse at the University of Arkansas, exposing students to a diversity of people and thought.

The program offers experiences that help increase students’ emotional intelligence, a skill becoming more of a necessity in today’s economy.  Skills such as self-awareness, empathy, verbal and written communication, teamwork and interpersonal competency, and the ability to harness emotions to achieve goals are highly valued within the labor market.  In sum, these learning experiences will stimulate students’ social interactions, develop marketable skills, and provide a deeper understanding of our lives and the world around us. 


Students in Ghana 

Students in the The African and African American Studies Program are eligible to participate in our biennial study abroad summer program. Our last voyage was to Ghana in West Africa. Students will get the opportunity to travel and study in South Africa in 2020. All study abroad experiences are safe, faculty-led, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that add considerable value to what we study in the classroom about Africa and the African Diaspora. 




Memorial Hall 


There are a number of ways you can support your student and support the AAST program. Consider the following:

VOLUNTEER - We're always looking for people who have time to spare to help out on trips and other programming needs that could use a helping hand. Contact Dr. Caree Banton with your schedule of availabilty.

PROMOTE - One of the greatest ways to support us is to spread the word! Connect with us on Facebook or shoot an email about all the wonderful things happening in the program. We offer a number of community events along with our engaging lectures and course offerings.

GIVE - Every little bit you can donate to our program helps keep us relavent, innovative and thriving as a vital program and asset to the University of Arkansas. Consider us on your list of programs and organizations for donations.
You can donate to the AAST program or to our scholarship fund.

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