Alumni Corner

Alum TJ Holmes in lab

SJSM graduates have gone on to work in satisfying careers in media for companies big, small and in between. Our students have learned the art of storytelling by graduation, becoming savvy media professionals in the process. We've seen our alumni go into documentary filmmaking, blogging, investigative reporting, public relations, marketing and so many other fields that involve media.

Notable alumni include TJ Holmes, Sue Walk Burnett and many current faculty like Gerald Jordan and Larry Foley.

The journey doesn't end at commencement all graduates are considered a part of the SJSM family. Alumni can now stay connected to happenings at the school and learn ways to support through our new alumni-oriented newsletter: Email to sign up.

Alumni should also check out the Lemke Journalism Alumni Society. Boasting a network of 675 members, the Alumni Society exists to nurture and strengthen the connections of alums from SJSM. Membership also comes with perks, including alumni discounts at participating venues, job and business opportunities, awards programs and so much more.


Spotlight on Ramona Collins

Ramona Collins alumna

Ramona Collins, a 1995 University of Arkansas alumna with a bachelor’s degree in journalism through the advertising/public relations sequence, now serves as the
U of A’s Social Media and Digital Communications Manager.

“Ramona was a person in class who was very intelligent, wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and was very good at asking excellent questions and challenging me in the best possible way as a professor. Ramona had absolutely no qualms about changing with the times and staying on top of things, to the point where she was working for major national firms like Collective Bias.

"It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Northwest Arkansas or New York because she was working for the top firms, which indicates how talented she is. I was delighted when I saw that she’s working for the University of Arkansas now because I think we have an excellent communicator, writer and thinker communicating key information about the university’s brand on social media and other spaces. It’s wonderful to see it come full circle.”

Jan Wicks, Vice Chair of the School of Journalism and Strategic Media, speaks on her experience in teaching and observing the career movements of Ramona Collins.

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