Do I qualify for the Fulbright Honors Program?

Incoming students must have an HC: 28 ACT / 1310 SAT and a minimum high school grade point average of 3.75 to join the Fulbright Honors Program.  Superscores are not considered for admission, only a single composite on the national exams. Current University of Arkansas students must have a minimum grade point average on all UA coursework of 3.50 to be eligible. 

How do I join the Fulbright Honors Program?

Incoming students who meet all qualifications will enroll in the Fulbright College Honors Program during New Student Orientation.  Current University of Arkansas students who meet all qualifications may fill out the application form. Once credentials are verified, our office will send further instructions.

What is the difference between College Honors and Departmental Honors? 

The difference is in the student’s commitment to the Fulbright Honors Program and the experience he/she wants as an undergraduate. 

College Honors students will follow a core designed for students with the highest academic and artistic ambition.  College Honors students will complete over one third of their undergraduate curriculum in honors courses, including a Four-Year Scholar’s core, honors colloquia, and research hours. Incoming first-year students, especially those planning post-graduate education like medical school, law school, or graduate school, are expected to participate in the College Honors Program.

Departmental Honors emphasizes directed independent study within the department of the student.  Departmental Honors students follow the Fulbright College core and must complete at least 12 hours of honors coursework in their undergraduate career. This option is designed for students who do not meet the initial requirements for Fulbright Honors and transfer students with more than 24 hours. Departmental Honors students are encouraged to take honors classes outside their major area of study. 

How many honors hours do I have to take in a semester?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of hours a student must take each term.  Instead, students are asked to follow their core checksheets and the departmental honors requirements in the Catalog of Studies.  For instance, Four-Year Honors Scholars must take a minimum number of hours in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to graduate with honors, but the distribution is determined by the student. 

Do I have to write a thesis to graduate with honors?

Yes. To graduate with honors from Fulbright College, a student must complete undergraduate research and write or create a thesis/honors project. You will defend your thesis before a panel of four committee members. 

What happens if I fall below the required GPA to maintain my honors status?

To remain in good standing, students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.50 in their University of Arkansas coursework. Those who fall below this standard for more than one term will be removed from the Fulbright Honors Program, and their honors courses will be removed from their upcoming schedule. 

Are non-honors students allowed to take honors courses?

No. A benefit of maintaining good standing in the Fulbright Honors Program is taking honors courses. 

What if I miss a thesis deadline?

You will be asked to move your graduation and defense to the following term. Thus, it is very important for you to follow all stated deadlines and read your e-mail carefully and frequently. 

How do I postpone my thesis defense and graduation?

You inform the Fulbright Honors Office of your intended term of graduation and defense. Then, you move your term of graduation by visiting the Registrar’s Office in Silas Hunt Hall.

I’m a senior, but I’m not in honors.  Is it possible for me to complete the honors program in one year?

Students must begin thesis research at the least three semesters before their term of graduation.  For instance, spring 2020 graduates must begin research no later than spring 2019 and continue the research and thesis work through spring 2020. A student may not declare honors in one term and graduate with honors in the following term.  This does not allow that student enough time to accumulate at least 12 hours of honors credit and research and write an honors project. 

I’m a senior in high school and want to apply for a Sturgis Fellowship.  Can I apply online?

The Fellowship application is a create-your-own, where the student must provide all the necessary materials to the Honors College no later than February 1. Though information is available on-line, the information should be printed and sent by the stated deadline. http://honorscollege.uark.edu/.

How will my final graduation level be determined?

Your final Latin graduation level (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude) will be determined by three components:  your GPA at the end of the semester that precedes your graduation semester, your number of honors hours, and your score on your thesis defense.  To qualify for one of the three levels, all of the three criteria (GPA, honors hours, thesis-defense score) for that level must be met.