Honors Thesis

To graduate with honors from Fulbright College, students must be a part of the Fulbright College Honors Program, complete the required number of honors hours, and conduct undergraduate research culminating in an honors thesis/project.

Students are required to attend a meeting with the leadership in FCHP at least once per year. These meetings can help students strategize their academic schedule, learn about where they are in the thesis process, and start to think about how each semester fits their honors degree. Below are recent recordings of each year's meeting.

Thesis Deadlines are included on each checklist.

*Thesis forms can be submitted either in-person or digitally. All digital thesis forms should be emailed to the Fulbright College Honors Office at arschnrs@uark.edu.


Honors Thesis Meeting Recordings

2024 Thesis Information

2025 Thesis Information

Sample Proposals