Fulbright Academic Departments

Anthropology Department Website

  • BA in Anthroplogy (ANTH)
  • BS in Anthropology

Biological Sciences Website

  • BA in Biology (BIOL)
  • BS in Biology

Chemistry & Biochemistry Website

  • BA in Chemistry (CHEM)
    • Biochemistry
  • BS in Chemistry
    • Biochemistry
    • Biophysics

Communication Website

  • BA in Communication (COMM)

English Website

  • BA in English (ENGL)
    • Creative Writing
  • Combined BA with English & Journalism

Geosciences Website

  • BA in Geography (GEOS)
  • BS in Earth Science
  • BS in Geology
    • Geophysics

History Website

  • BA in History (HIST)

International Studies Website

  • BA in International Studies (INST)
    • Peace, Security, & Human Rights
    • European & Transatlantic
    • Global South

School of Journalism Website

  • BA in Journalism (JOUR)
    • Advertising & PR
    • Broadcast Journalism
    • News & Editorial
  • Combined BA with Journalism & Political Science
  • Combined BA with Journalism & English

Mathematical Sciences Website

  • BA in Mathematics (MATH) 
  • BS in Mathematics

Music Website

  • Bachelor of Music

Philosophy Website

  • BA in Philosophy (PHIL)

Physics Website

  • BA in Physics (PHYS)
  • BS in Physics

Political Science Website

  • BA in Political Science (PLSC)
  • Combined BA with Political Science & Journalism

School of Social Work Website

  • Bachelor of Social Work (SCWK)

Sociology & Criminology Website

  • BA in Criminology (CRIM)
  • BA in Sociology (SOCI)

Theatre Website

  • BA in Theatre (THTR)

World Languages Website

  • BA in Arabic (ARAB)
  • BA in French (FREN)
  • BA in German (GERM)
  • BA in Spanish (SPAN)
  • BA in Classical Studies (CLST)


Please visit the University Catalog for an extensive list of requirements.

Work sheets can be found at Academic & Career Planning.  

Note: Degree requirements for students entering in Fall 2022 will be published in July.