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Are you a current student at the UA and thinking about a new major in Fulbright College of the Arts and Sciences?

Our available majors can be found here!


We have an Explore Fulbright advising option available 11 AM -1 PM on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. Please sign in using the link below and an advisor will call you to discuss your options in Fulbright College!

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New Student Orientation 

Thank you for visiting our New Student Page! 

Parents and Guests, please scroll down to our Fulbright Parent portal at the bottom of the page. We hope you'll sign up for one of our Fulbright Parent Sessions, too! 


Please be sure to watch our welcome video below to get started. 






You have been receiving information from our main office of New Student Orientation to help you prepare for your virtual experience. All details for your overall orientation experience can be found on their 2020 site. 

Follow their instructions and be sure to activate your UARK account and the other resources they have outlined for you. The following are the most important for your advising session: 

> Activate UARK account prior to Advising Session

> UAConnect

> Microsoft Teams (link coming soon)

When we advise you on your schedule, we consider a 360 Lifeview to help you make the best choices. We want to emphasize that there isn’t a right or wrong way to approach college, but there are many strategic options to consider when making your schedule.  

In our opinion, the best choice is one that helps you explore your interests and one that you understand the way it fits into your plan. Does the class prepare you for a class in the future? Does it help you “try on” a major to see if it fits? Does the class help you develop a skill you’d like to acquire?  

You’re an expert on all things YOU- from your educational background to your future goals. We like to start by asking you to share your expertise in our pre-advising form. There is no time limit to complete the form and it’s okay to stop and return. Please complete the form 3-5 days prior to your orientation session. We also include a link in your advising appointment details.  

Step 1: Complete our Fulbright New Student’s Pre-Advising Form
Step 2: Send in your Official Records

We need some official records to get the information from your pre-advising form to your official transcript.  

 > If you have any transcripts from concurrent/dual credit courses, be sure to send the transcript from the college or university to our Registrar’s office.  

> If you have any AP credit to report, send your official scores from the College Board to the University of Arkansas. You can wait until your final results are in and send your final transcript in July.  

> If you have any IB credit, request your official test scores through IBO and have them sent to the University of Arkansas.  

Registrar’s Office Contact Information   

Main Office:  

1083 East Sain Ave.  

1 University of Arkansas  

Fayetteville, Ar 72701  

Email: registra@uark.edu  

Fax: 479-575-4651  

Phone: 479-575-5451  

Review Test Credit Scores and Credit Here  

This link will take you to our Registrar's site for testing and transfer credit.  Please review this page if you have questions about our required test scores or verifying transfer credit from another college.  We'll review this information with you during our advising session.

A Note on Your Pre-Enrolled courses:  

We want to make getting ready for your first semester with us as easy as possible! To help with that, you may have noticed that you are already enrolled in some courses. These courses were chosen specifically to help meet YOUR core or majors requirements! If you have questions about any of the classes you have on your schedule you will have time to discuss them during your academic advising appointment. 

If you are pre-enrolled into courses for which you expect to receive test or transfer credit, we will update your schedule during the advising session.

Review Core Worksheet

The University Core is the foundation to your bachelors degree.  We will review the core that applies to you during our advising session and linked the the worksheets for each below:

University Core - For all non-honors students.

Honors Scholar BA Core - For Honors Bachelor of Arts/Social Work Students

Honors Scholar BS Core - For Honors Bachelor of Science Students

Honors Scholar BM Core - For Honors Bachelor of Music Students

Honors Scholar BFA Core - For Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts Students

Explore our Academic Department and Majors   

Fulbright college is the largest college on the University of Arkansas campus and that means we have something for YOU! If you haven’t decided fully on a major yet, or you know that one is not the best fit for you, please explore the 16 different departments and three schools that make up Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences here! 


During your orientation advising session, you will meet with an advisor one-on-one to discuss your Fall schedule. Through this conversation we hope to get to know you and your goals better and make sure you’re confident in your Fall course selections.  

While each appointment will be tailored to your individual needs, you can expect to review and discuss the following details:

> Verify your declared major and programs.  

> Review your pre-enrolled courses and remove any courses that you may have credit for through pending tests or concurrent credit.  

> Explore the University Core and introductory courses for your chosen major.  

> Update your registration in UAConnect. 

UA Connect Homepage Overview:

Enroll in a Class in UA Connect:

Drop or Swap a Class in UA Connect:


Click here to learn how to use Schedule Planner 



> In the Fulbright College we assign each student to 1 of our professional academic advisors.

> You will be assigned to your advisor in the week following your New Student Orientation session. You’ll receive an email letting you know you’re advisor has been assigned.  

You will continue to work with your advisor if needed to adjust your major, Fall courses, or check in with general questions.  

Our first-year advising team consists of 5 professional advisors: 

> Jill Geisler Wheeler (jwheeler@uark.edu), Associate Director Fulbright College Honors Program  

> Meagon Clarkson-Guyll, Associate Director Fulbright College Advising  

> Nik Rowan, Senior Assistant Director Fulbright College Advising  

> Claire Andrews, Senior Advisor  

> Hannah Coffman, Senior Advisor  

We’re looking forward to working with you during your freshman year!  

Fulbright Honors Welcome:




Overview of the Fulbright Honors Core:

 Honors Resources:

> Fulbright Honors Program: Landing spot for all things Fulbright Honors

> University of Arkansas Honors College: Great information on all things Honors at the University of Arkansas

Jill Geisler Wheeler (jwheeler@uark.edu), Associate Director Fulbright College Honors Program


> Fulbright Honors Program: Landing spot for all things Fulbright Honors

> One Stop: A great resource for getting started at the U of A

> Transfer Course Equivalency Guide: See how your transfer courses will count as U of A courses.

World Languages:

> World Language Placement Exams: Not sure where to start in your World Language?

> Learn more about the World Language options here.


We have developed a page for parents of future Fulbright students.  Please click here for more information on supporting your college student and for details on our interactive parent sessions.