New Transfer


Welcome to the University of Arkansas and the Fulbright College! 

Here in Fulbright College Academic Services, we want to help guide you as you begin your UARK academic journey.  The steps listed below are designed to give you a smooth start to that journey.


Steps to set up academic advising

Apply to the University of Arkansas. 

  • Follow all instructions from Admissions Office
  • Submit required materials like:

Resources: Admissions Office

There are three important systems to set up ASAP:

  1. UARK Email
    • This is the primary way that you will be contacted by UARK offices
    • It is a good habit to check this email daily
  2. Blackboard
    • This system is where you will access any online components to your classes
    • You will schedule avsising appointments here as well
  3. UA Connect
    • This system contains your student records
    • You will use this system to register for classes
    • Trouble logging in?  Click on "Help - UA Connect" 

Please complete our  Advising Request Form

  • This form will get you connected with an advisor.
  • You will be asked to log in using your UARK username and password. 
  • Within a few days, you will receive an advisor and information on how to schedule an advising appointment
  • Review degree requirements iwht the U of A Catalog & our major maps.
  • Review your transfer credit report.
    • This is how your previous completed courses are transferring to the U of A.
    • If you are currently enrolled in courses at another school, make sure you send in a new transcript once those are complete.
  • Review your degree audit.
    • Note: There will be a report for every plan you have.  University Requirements is for the University Core courses that all students must complete.  Then, you should also have a report for each major and minor you have.  This is also a good way to ensure you have the right major(s) and any minors declared.
  • Check your holds. 
    • Advising Hold - This means that you need to work with your advisor to plan your courses.
    • Pre-Registration Hold - This means that you need to complete the Financial Agreement in your To-Do list in UA Connect.  More information here.  
    • Immunization Records Hoold - This means that you need to submit your immunization records to the Pat Walker Health Center.  More information here.  



UA Connect Homepage Overview:

Enroll in a Class in UA Connect:

Drop or Swap a Class in UA Connect:


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World Languages:

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