Current and Transfer Student Application

To apply to Fulbright Honors, current Fulbright College students must have completed one regular semester (fall/spring) with minimum full-time enrollment of 12 hours on the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville campus and have earned a cumulative GPA 3.50 or higher.

Transfer students who arrive at the University of Arkansas with a 3.50 GPA from their previous institution and a minimum of 24 hours coming in are welcome to apply for the Fulbright College Honors Program. As a new transfer student, you will wait to apply until your final transcripts from all previous institutions have been received and posted to UAConnect

All current and transfer students must have at least four semesters left at the university in order to complete the honors thesis. If you believe you are an exception, please email us at

To apply for the Fulbright College Honors Program, you must first fill out this form: APPLY

Once you've applied to the Honors College, our office will reach out with a Fulbright Honors application form for you to fill out, telling us why you wish to join honors. We will review your application and once your credentials have been verified, you will receive further instructions from our office.


*Note: If you apply after the second week of  a semester, you will not receive priority registration that semester – but you will be eligible for this benefit in subsequent semesters.