Honors Humanities Project (H2P)

  • Three-semester sequence of courses taken in sequential order through the student’s first two years of study
  • In-depth focus on one master work for each culture—monument, poem, building, song, city, film, or sculpture
  • Investigation of philosophical, artistic, literary, and political ideas that elucidate a master work’s significance within its culture
  • Two lectures per week, plus small discussion group meeting (drill), where active discussion in drill is expected
  • Substantial reading and writing: Scholarly articles (not anthologies) that analyze various cultural phenomena, and texts written by people living in the various societies: epics, personal letters, political propaganda, religious works, satires

Completing Replaces Period World Culture
HUMN 1114H HIST 1113H Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, India, China
HUMN 1124H WLIT 1113H Medieval Byzantine Empire, Early Islam, Gothic Europe, Heian Japan, Classical Mayans
HUMN 2114H HIST 1123H  Renaissance & Modernity Latin America, Japan, American and European Colonialism, Enlightenment, and Modernity