Why Honors?

Honors Medals

Benefits of the Fulbright Honors Program:

  • Smaller, discussion-based learning environment
  • Classes that emphasize critical thinking
  • Strong letters of recommendation from faculty and thesis advisor
  • Undergraduate research
  • Funding for study abroad and research
  • Graduation with honors distinction

What Track?

College Honors

The College Honors option is an interdisciplinary honors program designed for students with highest academic and artistic ambition. College Honors students will complete over one third of their undergraduate curriculum in honors courses, including a College Honor’s core, honors colloquia, and research hours. Incoming freshmen, especially those planning post-graduate education like medical school, law school, or graduate school, choose to participate in the College Honors Program.

Departmental Honors

This option emphasizes directed independent study within the department of the student. Departmental Honors students follow the Fulbright College core and must complete at least 12 hours of honors coursework in their undergraduate career. This option is designed for students who do not meet the initial requirements for Fulbright Honors and transfer students with more than 24 hours.