The Initiative

The Brown Chair in English Literacy Initiative will support research, teaching, and outreach projects in four broad areas of literacy:

  • General adult literacy: Helping adults throughout Arkansas read and write more richly, productively, and critically in many parts of their lives—personal, familial, professional, psychological, and spiritual.
  • Literacy and work: Helping adults throughout Arkansas prepare and retool so that they will be able to participate more fully in high-quality jobs that call for careful and critical reading, writing, listening, speaking, discussing and problem-solving.
  • Academic literacy, K-16: Helping students throughout Arkansas develop the abilities to read and write so that they can remain and succeed in school and achieve the highest level of education possible.
  • Family, parent, and child literacy: Helping families, parents, and social-service agencies throughout Arkansas build a solid literacy foundation for children from birth through pre-school.

To learn more about how you and your organization can work with the Office of the Brown Chair on any of these initiatives, call David Jolliffe at 479-575-2289 or write him at