Choral FAQs


No! U of A Choral Ensembles are open to ALL students on campus.

You do NOT need to audition for the U of A Treble Chorus, Razorback Chorus, or Inspirational Chorale (Section 002).

You DO need to audition for the U of A Schola Cantorum, Chamber Choir, and Inspirational Chorale (Section 001).

Depending on the specific requirments in your degree, music majors will take Schola Cantorum, Treble Chorus, or Razorback Chorus for credit requirments. Inspirational Chorale and Chamber Choir do not count for major-level ensemble credit, though these choirs do count as elective hours.

Yes! All ensembles are 1 credit classes, and the credit counts as an elective for any degree program on campus.

Yes, singers must be registered for the class in order to participate.

Auditions occur during the first three days of the fall semester in MUSC 335. There will be a sign-up sheet placed on the Choral Activities bulletin board outside the choir room (MUSC 335) at least two weeks prior to auditions.

The audition consists of vocalization, range check, aural skills, pitch acuity, and sight reading. You do not need to prepare a solo, but the Schola Cantorum and Inspirational Chorale require a prepared selection available online.

- Schola Cantorum rehearses 3 days a week. MWF 12:55 - 2:15pm

- Treble Chorus and Razorback Chorus rehearse 2 days a week. TR 2:00 - 3:15pm

- Inspirational Chorale (Section 001) rehearses 2 days a week. TR 12:30 - 1:50pm

- Inpsirational Chorale (Section 002) rehearses 1 day a week. F 2:30 - 3:50pm

- Chamber Choir rehearses 1 day a week. Thursdays 5:00 - 6:30pm

Most rehearsals are in MUSC 335. Some will be in the Faulkner Performing Arts Center or other performance venues for concert dress rehearsals.

The Schola Cantorum and Inspirational Chorale often tour regionally, nationally, and internationally. The Treble Chorus and Razorback Chorus occasionally tour throughout the region.

- Women will need about $70 to purchase a concert dress.

- Men will need a standard black tuxedo, which can be obtained for less than $100.

- Music, in most cases, is provided for the singers.

Yes, choral scholarships are available to exceptionally talented non-majors who sing with the Schola Cantorum or Inspirational Chorale. Choral scholarship recipients music be able to read music at a high level, have a discerning musical ear, and possess a free and mature vocal tone. You must formally apply for scholarship consideration; the scholarship application is available on the Department of Music website. Scholarship auditions are scheduled on a rolling basis.