Fulbright College Writing Requirement


All Undergraduate Fulbright College students are required to write a senior paper within their major. To fulfill this requirement as a Sociology and/or Criminology major, or as an Interdisciplinary Studies major with a Criminal Justice and/or Sociology Track, please continue reading.

Please Note

  • Honors Students automatically fulfill the Fulbright College Writing Requirement with their Theses.
  • Students with multiple majors in Fulbright College may choose to write their requirement in a department other than Sociology & Criminology. For example, if a student majors in both Sociology and Psychology, they may choose to fulfill their writing requirement in the Department of Psychological Science.



Select Course

Select one of your upper level 3000 or 4000 SOCI or CRIM courses in which you wish to fulfill this requirement.


Obtain Permission

Obtain permission of the instructor to fulfill the requirement in the course within the first few weeks of class.


Submit Declaration Form

Due Date: Friday, March 3, 2023

Fill out and submit your Declaration Form by clicking the button below.

Declaration Form


Complete Assignment

Complete the Fulbright College Writing Requirement assignment by the end of the semester. There are several options for this assignment, which will be determined by your instructor.


Once the professor has agreed, you will have the semester to complete one of the following options below, to be determined by your professor.

  • Option One

  • Traditional Research Paper
  • One Paper, 12 pages in length
  • Final Delivery: 12 pages (not including references)
  • Option Two

  • Multiple Papers
  • 3 Mini Papers, 4 pages each
  • Final Delivery: 12 pages (not including references)
  • Option Three

  • Multiple Papers
  • 4 Mini Papers, 3 pages each
  • Final Delivery: 12 pages (not including references)


  • The paper, if in several smaller sets, will need to build on the first one (cumulative argument).
  • The paper(s) should incorporate peer-reviewed, scholarly research to support the argument.
  • The final delivery should be 12 pages in total (not including references), regardless of the option.


Below are some basic tips, guidelines, and resources. Please note that your professor will provide the final template. See your professor for specific requirements.

  • Once you have written your paper and made revisions, be sure to revisit the introduction and conclusion to make sure that they are consistent with each other and reflect the argument you make throughout the paper.
  • Most criminology and sociology assignments do not rely upon personal anecdotes, experiences, or opinions as "data" to make an argument. In social sciences, topics are data or theoretically driven. This varies by assignment. If you are unsure, check with your instructor.
  • Never turn in a paper or even a draft without having it proofed for grammar and spelling. The University of Arkansas has writing resources through the English department to assist with organization, spelling and grammar.


Online Resources

Title Provided By Type
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A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Sociology Department of Sociology Harvard PDF
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Writing for Sociology - Second Edition UC Berkeley Sociology Department PDF
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Please contact Dr. Lori Holyfield, Undergraduate Program Director, if you have any questions not answered here.

Dr. Lori Holyfield
Undergraduate Program Director