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Conducting research as an undergraduate can be an invaluable experience. The exposure to laboratory research broadens your understanding of science and the research process. In addition, undergraduate research experience is vital for premedical students planning a career in medicine and clinical research through an MD/PhD program. Students who are in the Honors Program pursue undergraduate research typically beginning in their junior of study, but some start sooner in their sophomore year. If you are in the Honors Studies program in Fulbright College you can earn up to 6 hours of credit for your Honors thesis research.

How do I get started?

Students typically perform research with a faculty member in the department of their major. Each college has an Honors program designed specifically for their students (see links below). Using the departmental web site information you can access a complete list of faculty and read about their research interests on-line. You may also want to approach a faculty member you've had for a class and talk to them about their area of research.

Do I need to have my research funded?

Most faculty conducting laboratory research are supported by research grants so doing research does not require securing funding. In many cases students seek supplemental funds to support undergraduate research through grants such as the SURF (State Undergraduate Research Fellowship) awards supported by the State of Arkansas. Other sources of research funding include the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, a nationally competitive scholarship program for undergraduates pursuing a career in research. Refer to the Honors College link under the Office of Postgraduate scholarships for more information about applying for the Goldwater and the scholarship opportunities listed below.

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