Spring Lecture Series

43rd Annual Spring Lecture Series


Old and New themes in p-adic Cohomology


April 4-8, 2018 (Times TBA)


Principle Speaker: Kiran Kedlaya (University of California at San Diego)

Public Lecture: Fernando Gouvêa (Colby)

Associated Speakers

Bryden Cais (University of Arizona)

Richard Crew (University of Florida)

Veronika Ertl (University of Regensburg/Keio University)

David Hansen (Columbia University)

Ruochuan Liu (BICMR - Peking University)

Tong Liu (Purdue University)

 Ananth Shankar (MIT)

Alberto Vezzani (LAGA - Université Paris 13)

Liang Xiao (University of Connecticut)

David Zureick-Brown (Emory University)

Schedule of Events

Tentitive schedule of events as of February 8th.

April 4th: Graduate workshop (in the afternoon)

April 5th through the 7th: Reserved for main and contributing talks and public lecture (taking place the evening of the 5th)

April 8th: Travel day


Travel for junior participants will be supported on a first come first serve basis. Please register early if you are asking for support.

Attention Speakers!
Presentations contributed for 15 minute talks must be in digital format. If you are a main speaker or contributing speaker, please send a copy of your e-abstracts to math@uark.edu.

FUNDING ASSISTANCE requires Tax ID Information after acceptance to the Spring Lecture Series.

Name and Contact Information
Attendance Information

Unless indicated, no lunches or meals are provided & none will be reimbursed.
Provided: 1 lunch for women; on another day 1 lunch for TA/GA; for all: Friday night Banquet.
All other participants go to Student Union or campus/Dickson Street restaurants each day for lunches.

Traveling From

IF Air Travel
If traveling by air, a shuttle will be provided to and from XNA and your hotel. Upon acceptance, secure and pay for your airfare and provide an electronic copy of FULL itinerary. Transportation from XNA airport and hotel accommodations will be arranged and provided. If funding is being requested, you must provide an electronic copy of the PAID receipt.

IF ONLY Car Travel
Mileage for personal vehicle use may be reimbursed (but not gas). Auto rental and gas may be reimbursed (but not mileage) with PAID receipts.

Regardless of Funding
Hotel accommodations will be arranged and provided. If flying, transportation to and from XNA will be arranged for you.

For Funding/Reimbursement of Travel Expenses, provide Payment/PAID receipts for:

  • Airfare or rental car with gas OR Personal car mileage only
  • Transportation expense: airfare or rental car
  • Traveling by AIR, provide e-copy of PAID receipt & FULL flight itinerary
  • Traveling by RENTAL CAR, provide PAID receipt
  • Parking of personal automobile at home airport
  • Mileage home address to and from home airport OR PAID receipt of shuttle or taxi from and to home from airport
Emailed or scanned receipts are acceptable; originals may be asked for if scans are illegible.



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